About Us



Welcome to Art’s Auto Rebuilders

We are Chicago’s most trusted source of quality automobile repair and maintenance. With a full staff on board, maintenance or minor fixes, will be more quicker to fix. We also have our own towing service, so picking up a vehicle is no sweat for us! With our help, I guarantee, Our service will leaving you… Saying, “Wow I can’t believe how simple that was.” Accidents happen so give us a call to fix the paint work or some routine maintenance. The experts at Art’s Auto Rebuilders can help you! We can fix anything!

Why Should You Choose Art’s?

We take the hassle out of dealing with rentals, and even the insurance claim process. Our technicians are highly qualified. They are all certified and trained in one or more of these areas: I-Car, ASC, GSM, PPG Paint. Not to mention all of our body and fender work has a lifetime guarantee. We have the highest quality service in all of Chicagoland!